Step 1:  Read our Moonlighting Policy carefully (click here)

Step 2: Seek approval from the program director to moonlight:

Moonlighting is a privilege for interested residents (no earlier than January of PGY2 year) who are up-to-date on ALL program requirements (including Hopkins modules and mini-CEXs) and who obtain approval from the program director.  You can only request permission to moonlight for the current academic year, and you must re-submit for approval each academic year.

In order to obtain approval to moonlight, in addition to being up-to-date on all program requirements, you will need to obtain:

  • New Full DC license - Active status.
  • New Federal DEA number (not the one given as a resident).
  • DC Controlled Substances number.
  • Submit your request to moonlight on the MedHub website. This must be approved by both the program director and the GME office. Print out the email from MedHub when you get approval from GME.
  • MFA application and Biometrics (available at MFA Human Resources office, 10th floor MFA)
    • *We recommend that you speak with Dr. Shant Ayanian prior to the MFA application and Biometrics step, as he can help you troubleshoot the process.*

Step 3a: To moonlight at GW, ALL of the above documents (including printout of MedHub email with GME approval) must be given to Dr. Dickinson PRIOR to scheduling your first shift in hard (paper) copy.

For questions about moonlighting shifts at GW, contact Leigh Anne Dickinson, MD. Please read the moonlighting contract carefully. Moonlighters should expect to provide crosscover to inpatients as well as to admit up to 6 patients per night.


Step 3b: To moonilght at the VA, be patient with credentialing, which takes a long time!  The appropriate contact person for this is a VA chief medical resident.


Step 4: Schedule shifts.  Check our moonlighting policy for when you can moonlight!  Note - you MUST log duty hours on MedHub (both program and moonlighting) for EVERY week in which you moonlight. Log the entire week including your moonlighting shift.


Step 5: Remember - you can only request permission to moonlight for the current academic year.  You must re-submit for approval (and bring Dr. Ayanian a printout of your new approval from GME) each academic year.


**Please note that per Washington, DC law if you have a full license to practice medicine in any other state, you must also obtain a full license in DC. This means that if you would like to moonlight in Virginia (or Maryland), you must obtain BOTH a full DC medical license and a full Virginia medical license. Failure to do so is punishable by the DC Board of Medicine.** (This rule is waived for residents in the last 6 months of their training, so you can seek a full license for your next position at that time.)