Fellowships & Jobs

The following information is for those that will be applying for traditional internal medicine subspecialty fellowships.  *Please note this timeline applies to most but not all fellowships. Check the list below.*

Fellowship Application Timeline:

  • March - April: Come to the Spring workshop run by Dr. Czarnecki and Dr. Onumah for helpful information.  The chief residents will let you know the date each year.

    • When requesting your schedule for PGY2 year, please let the chiefs know you are planning to apply. We will attempt to schedule some elective time for you during interview season if possible.

  • April-May: Book an appointment to meet with both Dr. Onumah and Dr. Borden.  *This is required for everyone who is applying for fellowship so that we can write a department letter on your behalf.*

  • May: Begin asking faculty members for letters of recommendation.  You will need one department letter (co-authored by Drs. Onumah and Borden) and you can submit up to three additional letters.

  • June-July: Request a token from ERAS, then log-in to ERAS using this token number to create an account.  Complete your ERAS application (including your CV and personal statement).
    • Print out your requests for the department letter and letters of recommendation from ERAS as soon as you get your token, and send them to the appropriate letter writers. Letter writers need this in order to complete and submit their letters. We recommend that you also give letter writers a copy of your CV, and consider giving them a copy of any MedHub evaluations they have written of you (especially if glowing!).

    • Come by and meet our Fellowship Coordinators (2150 Pennsylvanie Ave, Suite 5-416) as soon as possible.  If you are planning to apply to GW for fellowship, please be sure the coordinator knows this, as they can give you any additional helpful information.

  • Aug – Nov: Expect to be contacted with interview offers and book accordingly.  Please follow the guidelines listed in our policy for requesting educational absences in order to schedule and request coverage for these.
    • Register with NRMP.  *Note this is separate than registering with ERAS!*

  • Sept-Nov: Submit your rank order list. Usually due in the second week of November. Submit early so you don't get locked out in internet traffic!

  • First week of December: Fellowship Match Day!
    • Remember that we don't get a list of who matches, so please contact Dr. Onumah to let her know where you matched, and if you need her help with a plan B.

Internal Medicine subspecialty fellowships on the above timeline:  Allergy/Immunology, Cardiovascular Disease, Critical Care Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Hematology, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Medicine, Rheumatology

Note: Primary Care Sports Medicine and Sleep Medicine are on different cycle dates than the above. Please see www.nrmp.org for details if applying to these fields.

Don’t forget about other less traditional fellowship opportunities, such as those in General Internal Medicine, Medical Education, Women’s Health, Adolescent Medicine, Epidemiology Intelligence Service through CDC, Health Policy, Underserved or Minority Health training opportunities, Public Health training opportunities, Health Delivery Fellowships, Information Technology Fellowships, Addiction Fellowships, etc.  We are happy to brainstorm with you about what is out there!

Tips for Fellowship Applications:

  • You can start looking up programs before July to decide which ones you are interested in.
  • You can find helpful information using the AMA FREIDA Online Program Search .
  • You can upload more than 4 letters of recommendation to ERAS, but you can submit only 4 to each program.  (I.e. you can send different letters to different programs if desired.)
  • ERAS Fellowship Documents Office

Interview tips and Job Search:

Resources for CVs, ERAS and interview needs:

  • Examples of personal statements
  • GW Writing Center

    You can make a 30 minute appointment online to either meet in person or talk over the phone to discuss cover letters or personal statements. They help with basic grammar, sentence structure and word choice. 
  • GW Biomedical Printing

    They take high quality professional portraits for about $25-30 dollars. You can make an appointment or they have walk-in hours as well. Walk in hours - Tuesdays: 8:30-10:30AM and Thursdays: 1:30-3:30PM in Ross Hall, B-01 (basement of main building, not the library). Email medphoto@gwu.edu or call 202-994-2904
  • GW Pad Holders 

    If you want something to take to interviews to carry your CV and note pad, consider this. Available at the GW Bookstore if you need an update from your med school and residency interview days. 

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to ask Dr. Onumah, Dr. Czarnecki, Tori, or any of the GWU Fellowship Program Directors.